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T-Shirt - "Inevitabilities" Adult / Urantia Logo

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Quality Port Authority heavyweight (pre-shrunk) 100% cotton T-SHIRT printed on two sides. This shirt will no doubt invite curious people to ask questions or help identify you to other students of The Urantia Book. The front of the shirt has 5" concentric circles trademark logo of Urantia Foundation, the original publisher, and custodian of The Urantia Book, and the back of the shirt has the following the quote: 

"Life is beset by certain inevitabilities. Consider the following:
Is courage desirable? Then we must live in a world which requires grappling with hardships and disappointments.
Is altruism desirable? Then we must experience situations of social inequity.
Is hope desirable? Then we must constantly be confronted with insecurities and uncertainties.
Is faith desirable? Then we must find ourselves in that troublesome predicament where we know less than we can believe.
Is the love of truth desirable? Then we must live in a world where error is present and falsehood always possible.
Is idealism desirable? Then we must struggle in an environment of goodness and beauty that stimulates and irrepressible reach for better things.
Is loyalty desirable? Then we must carry on in the face of betrayal and desertion.
Is unselfishness desirable? Then we must live with the incessant clamoring of an ego demanding recognition and honor.
Is pleasure desirable? Then we must live in a world where the alternative of pain and suffering are constant possibilities." ~
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