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"A Study of the Master Universe with Appendices" by William Sadler Jr.

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"A Study of the Master Universe" – A "must read" for anyone interested in pursuing in-depth study of The Urantia Book!

The third printing of A Study of the Master Universe has sold out. Twelve copies of the Appendices will be available at half price until they are sold. However, we obtained permission to revise and reprint this masterful expanded study of the cosmology of The Urantia Book. With this revision, we have combined the two volumes into one book and recreated it with the original red hard cover.

The formatting has been modernized to improve readability but the text remains unchanged. It is easy to consider this to be an expansion of some of the concepts in The Urantia Book; Bill Sadler Jr. was a brilliant man. However, the proof of genius is often the ability to take a complex subject and explain it simply. If you wish to understand the structure, origin, history and destiny of the Master Universe and beyond, this is the book for you. Here below is what William Sadler, Jr. himself had to say about this book. 518 pages.

     This is the story of the creative and the evolutional expansion of Paradise-Havona divinity into time and space. It is also the story of the consolidation of such expansion; on finite levels in the Supreme, and on absonite levels in the Ultimate. It begins, but cannot finish, the story that goes on beyond the Ultimate.

     The Urantia Book is not written like a textbook; it is written more like a symphony. Wonderful themes of concept and movements of unfolding truth appear and reappear as the long story unfolds. Parts of this story are very melodious. The melody develops with such appealing simplicity that the reader is held enthralled. The story of Jesus is like this, a beautiful story of a man among men who grew up to become a living revelation of God among men. We all love this story.

     Some of the Papers in the book are not so easy to understand; the movements of the harmonics of truth are more complex; the melody is not so easy to grasp. But the beauty is still there, even though it is less obvious. This Study of the Master Universe has been undertaken in an effort to bring out the beauty of the complex melody movements in the Urantia Papers. Many of the Papers which seem to be complex, obscure, and "far away," are filled with exquisite movements of concept in the portraiture of living truth. And if the truth in the complex beauty of these passages can be grasped, then we might acquire a new horizon-line against which to evaluate the things of this life and this world – and then we could perceive these things with the greater insight of a new perspective, the most far-ranging perspective that our minds can grasp.

     We are all a part of God's plans for the future. And these plans are so alive, so adventuresome, so challenging, and so beautiful that it does seem important we learn to appreciate, however dimly, that these plans do affect us. It is the magnitude and the complexity of God's challenge to us that obscures our comprehension of this challenge. It is the vastness of the unfolding adventure that makes it hard to understand. It is the endlessness of the eternal future that staggers our imaginations. And all of this is contained in the symphony of the concept of the master universe in The Urantia Book.

     God's plans are partially disclosed in the master universe. And if we can comprehend these plans just a little better, we may be intrigued, challenged, and even inspired by the grandeur of the magnificent adventure that is being offered to us. If, perchance, this Study of the Master Universe can bring God's plans just a little closer to our comprehension – closer to our feeling for the living truth of expanding growth, to the thrilling beauty of high adventure, and closer to the rewarding goodness of intelligent love – it will have served its intended purpose. That is why this work was written. By William S. Sadler, Jr. (Hardcover 1968)  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts and Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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