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"The Untold Story of Jesus" by Urantia Press

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Jesus comes to life in this fascinating modern biography excerpted from The Urantia Book. Many of these historical stories are familiar to readers of the New Testament but dozens are new, including the missing years not found in the Bible. Here you discover Jesus presented as never before, both as divine Son and human hero whose matchless life inspires, comforts, and transforms you.

It is beautifully written in modern, page-turning prose and complemented with 106 paintings from 35 renowned artists, including 42 originally commissioned works. The artwork and narrative celebrates his diverse life as son, father-brother, carpenter, boatbuilder, tutor, translator, caravan conductor, teacher, healer, minister, and friend.

This impeccably designed book provides relevant and empowering spiritual insights, helping you navigate the challenging yet promising conditions of the 21st century. We live in an exciting era of unprecedented improvements in our material lives brought about by scientific, industrial, and social achievements. Yet despite all this progress, many souls feel lonely and displaced. We need God and have an innate thirst for spiritual answers because of that “still, small voice” that lives within us. Finding God by living the personal religion of Jesus satisfies that thirst.

The Untold Story of Jesus reveals the living Christ to members of the church that bears his name, as well as to worshipers of all world religions. It is sure to become a favorite volume for all who seek God.

About the authors

This book is excerpted directly from Part IV of The Urantia Book. It contains 106 paintings from 35 renowned artists. The book was produced by Mo Siegel and Jim English and edited by a team of Urantia Book scholars headed by MaryJo Garascia. The book was designed by Carol Norton with Barbara Brownell Grogan as contributing editor.

The beauty and truth of The Urantia Book comes alive in this wonderful depiction of the life of Christ. Based on The Life And Teachings Of Jesus from The Urantia Book, this new book is big and wonderful. Over 350 pages! 106 beautiful paintings by 35 renowned artists and over 120 stories detailing the life and teachings of Jesus. For anyone not familiar with The Urantia Book, this new book is a great introduction to one of the most important documents to ever land in the hands of man. Additional features of this new book include: Four beautiful maps including "Birds Eye View of the Holy Land", "Jesus Tours the Mediterranean World", "Palestine in the Times of Jesus", and "The 19 Resurrection Appearances". There is also a timeline of the life of Jesus, as well as a complete list of biblical and Urantia Book references to all the stories in the book. This book is absolutely beautiful! Hats off to Mo Seigel and his team of assistants who put this wonderful book together. Highly recommended! Thomas P. Bruce  The Urantia Store – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts & Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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