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"The Urantia Book Workbooks" Full Set by William S. Sadler

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We are pleased to be able to offer this complete set of Dr. William S. Sadler's Workbooks. Originally published in the 1950's and 1960's, these study aids were authored by some of the first readers of The Urantia Book to serve as texts to train teachers and leaders of the fifth epochal revelation. Urantia Foundation is bringing these study aids into the twenty-first century to assist the next generation of Urantia Book students in their continuing quest for truth. Purchase the complete set of eight volumes as listed below for a 40% savings off of the original retail price! Not sold separately.

Complete Set - 8 Volumes - "The Urantia Book Workbooks"

Volume 1 - "Foreword and Part 1" - Originally published in the 1950's and 1960's as "An Analytic Study of Part 1 of The Urantia Book" (Volumes 1 and 2).

Volume 2 - "Science" - Originally published as "Science in The Urantia Book", (Volumes 1 and 2).

Volume 3 - "Topical and Doctrinal Studies"

Volume 4 - "Jesus" - Originally published as "The Teachings of Jesus in The Urantia Book" and "The Life of Jesus as Compared with the Four Gospels and Apocrypha" (Volumes 1 and 2).

Volume 5 - "Theology" - Originally published as "The Theology of The Urantia Book" (Parts 1, 2, and 3).

Volume 6 - "Bible Study" - Originally published as "A History of The Bible" and "A Study of the Books of The Bible".

Volume 7 - "Terminology" - This volume contains three helpful reference works: "A Quick Reference Dictionary", "Terms as Defined in The Urantia Book", and "A Keyword Index to the Table of Contents".

Volume 8 - "Worship and Wisdom" - Originally published as "Worship and Wisdom: Gems from The Urantia Book".  The Urantia Store – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts & Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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