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Cell Phone Wristband – "Seeds of Faith" Charm

Cell Phone Wristband – "Seeds of Faith" Charm

  • $ 19.95

Each beautiful handcrafted "Seeds of Faith" CELL PHONE WRISTBAND w/Butterfly Charm has a glass vial filled with fine transparent oil and contains a tiny grain of rice with a meaningful word of faith painstakingly written upon it, such as Jesus, Peace, Love, Truth, Beauty and Faith. 

All of our friends in The Urantia Book community will be pleased to know that Moses David has created some of the wristband vials with the word Urantia in them made especially for you. Purchase of one of these SEEDS of FAITH items is helping to provide much-needed support for one of our faith brothers who has been a good and trusted servant of the fifth epochal revelation and a student of The Urantia Book for many years.  The Urantia Store – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts & Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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