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"Family: The Fundamental Unit of Fraternity" by Hara Davis

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FAMILY – The Fundamental Unit of Fraternity based on The Urantia Book is 53 pages – full color, soft-cover edition.

As Hara explains: "Marriage, with children and consequent family life, is stimulative of the highest potentials in human nature and simultaneously provides the ideal avenue for the expression of these quickened attributes of mortal personality.

The Urantia Book places a significant emphasis on the family as a fundamental social unit and as a crucial factor in the development of individuals and society. In this study aid we examine the family as the basic building block of human civilization.

We begin by examining the unity and diversity within the Divine Family, and God as a loving and merciful Father to humanity. God loves each one of us as a unique child in the heavenly family and this leads us to recognizing our place in the family of God and the advantages we gain from understanding this network of family relationships.

We explore the evolutionary origins of the family institution beginning with how marriage progressed from primitive times to the modern day and the differences between men and women. We study the development of the family from the primitive form to the more complex and organized family units that exist today including the issues of gender and sex equality. The family is seen as essential for the physical, social, and moral development of individuals. It provides a supportive environment for the upbringing of children and is considered a crucial factor in transmitting cultural values and moral standards. We examine the responsibility of parents in the upbringing of children emphasizing the importance of education and training in the early years of a child's life.

While recognizing the practical and social aspects of the family, we also examine the spiritual dimensions to family life and the potential for spiritual growth and development within the family context. As an example we study the family life of Jesus and the many qualities he learnt in his transition from childhood to early manhood.

The Urantia Book indicates the importance of education and training and we study how our education system could change in order to develop more wisdom in children. We look at future trends and developments for the family in this difficult time of transition for the planet as society gets more complex. True religion and family life can contribute to fostering a better society in many ways as we can learn from those planets settled in light and life to which we aspire. Love, mutual trust and faith combine in family life so that we can express our highest potentials and experience the joys of love and companionship. Almost everything valuable in society has its roots in the family.

"It is our sincere belief that the gospel of Jesus' teaching, founded as it is on the father-child relationship, can hardly enjoy a world-wide acceptance until such a time as the home life of the modern civilized peoples embrace more of love and more of wisdom."

This unique and colorful 53-page soft cover book is a topical guide designed to help clarify concepts from The Urantia Book. It is not a substitute for the book but may be useful for readers who need a visual aid to enhance their comprehension. 

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