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"Finite Ladders" by Trevor Swadling

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New copies in new condition. Available in hard cover and soft cover editions.

How can we improve our quality of thinking? What tools can we draw upon to become better at living? How can we understand and expand the framework in which we think? How can we use this understanding to assist us in gaining more positive outcomes in our lives? How do we understand our perceptions and viewpoints?
This is a book about a philosophy of living that endeavours to find practical answers to these perplexing questions. Taking the past, present and future into account, the author presents new and inspiring ways of thinking that can help us navigate the turbulence and complexities of our modern world. He explores how the framework of our minds innately work then proposes ways to unlock the potentials within each of us that have the power to improve and develop a higher-minded quality of thinking and acting.

Mind is our ultimate creative tool—it is our arena of choice and understanding between us and reality. By identifying the elements our minds naturally use, we can gain a clearer understanding of our thinking processes and what drives them; by doing so we can increase our comprehension and creative abilities. We can improve our quality of thinking, expand our horizons, and attempt to make our “selves”—our personalities—more unified and real.

“I hope this book can assist you in the building and strengthening of your individuality, intuition, insight, and creativity, in ways that will enhance your wellbeing and contribute to the value, meaning, purpose, and direction of your lives.”

About the Author – Trevor is a dear, long-time friend from "down under" and we highly recommend you treat yourself to this beautiful and insightful book. We are proud to offer it among our collection of books at CosmicCreations.  The Urantia Store Online – The reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book go to purchase Books, Gifts, and Gear.

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