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"Healthy Living" by Richard Rosen

"Healthy Living" by Richard Rosen

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HEALTHY LIVING – ALTERNATIVE HEALTH SOLUTIONS and their impact on your spiritual nature. "Those who do not find time every day for health must sacrifice a lot of time one day for illness."

Think for yourself and take control of your health. We each need to take control of our health by making our own medical decisions with the input from practitioners who share our viewpoint, all the while researching those things needed to maintain a sound and healthy body – which is the foundation of intelligent thinking, emotional well-being, and ultimately, spiritual growth. A healthy lifestyle facilitates an upreach toward God-consciousness and responds more easily to spiritual guidance. 

  • Achieve optimal health
  • Become knowledgable about health
  • Eat wholesome food
  • Avoid toxins and toxic environments
  • Correct your posture
  • Exercise
  • Reflect deeply over health care decisions – think for yourself
  • Select an alternative health practitioner

About the Author: Richard Rosen is a teacher and writer of the spiritual life. With his wife Eve they freely counsel in the areas of relationships, money, health, and living aligned with your spirit.

Richard Rosen is also the author of:

  • LIFE AFTER DEATH: A step by step account of what comes next.
  • DEAR ABBA: God answers heartfelt questions of everyday living.

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