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"Profound Prayer" by Christopher Lepine

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Profound Prayer – A Modern Prayer Guide for Peace, Power, and Personal Transformation by Chris Lepine.

New copy in new condition. Available in limited quantity.

Listen, Feel, Transform

Are you searching for a much deeper relationship with God? Do you yearn for sublime peace, truth, and positive change? Do you want your meditation and prayer to reach new heights?

The steps are here. This book will show you how to pray at a profound level in a distracting and complex world. You’ll learn the simple steps to find limitless and lasting strength and endless transformation.

You’ll see how God helps you keep your soul strong and healthy. You’ll learn about prayer that will take you beyond all your limits. And you’ll learn about your birthright from God and the incredible future meant for you.

You’ll Get the Keys

  • How to turn off the noise to go deep
  • How to find inner peace, security, and power
  • The ideal way to pray and get answers
  • How to commune with God
  • How to transform yourself each day

Changing your life is simple, but requires consistent inner power.
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