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Quotes – "Spiritual Vitamins" 365-Days

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SPIRITUAL VITAMINS...essential nourishment for the Spirit are a novel idea for sharing inspirational quotes with others. The quotes are from a variety of sources, and they are printed on colorful glossy paper, rolled and then banded to create a tiny scroll. They come packaged in a nice glossy, decorative little box that is perfect to leave out on your desk at work, to carry in your purse, or they can make a great stocking stuffer. The quotes are lots of fun—like a fortune cookie but with no calories! The Love Collection could be a cute Valentine Gift?

A perfect non-intrusive way to share some uplifting thoughts with others, and perhaps a pathway to share Urantia Book teachings with them also! These will make thoughtful gifts for study group partners, or purchase one for your own desk. Compact in size—three different sizes and colors—in original packaging.

Wisdom from The Urantia Book Vitamins are quotations from a series of papers that present comprehensive answers to life’s essential questions.

  • For the truth seekerThe Urantia Book describes the nature and personality of God, the relationship between science and religion, life after death and the infinite cosmos.
  • For the struggling mortalthe book brings purpose, courage, hope and a spiritual family.
  • For the atheist and the agnosticit is an intelligent and refreshing challenge.
  • For those thirsting to know God betterThe Urantia Book is an infinite and eternal Love story!
The Love Collection Vitamins reflect the desire to do good to others. We simply cannot avoid the subject of love, from religion to relationships to songs…

Multi Spiritual Collection Vitamins are quotations from poets, scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders and enlightened pilgrims on the path.

Testimonials: “I received my spiritual vitamins (Love collection) and enjoy reading them each morning with my coffee. Some of the quotes were so interesting that I rolled them back up to save for dinners with family and friends. After dinner, I pass the box around and get each person to read their vitamin. I have not been surprised that everyone reacts as I did…this is a great way to share truth. Thanks!”

Spiritual Vitamins nourish the spirit, not the body. Read 'em don't eat 'em! – The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts & Gear. Reviews appreciated.

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