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"Tales of Joshua" by Bob Slagle

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New copy in new condition. Second edition now available.

This classic coloring and story book written by Bob Slagle was a "labor of love" for children and an important secondary work at a time when few existed. The book originally contained beautiful calligraphy and drawings. Over time it evolved and now CosmicCreations has updated the colorful cover and published it again for the benefit of all of the children in our community now and in the future. We could not bear to see this valuable resource go out of print.

This is a story of Jesus. He is also called Joshua. Tales of Joshua is limited to the first thirteen years of Joshua's (Jesus') childhood and adolescence. Some of these tales about Jesus are found in the Bible. Some come from religious books for children. Other tales come from a book about God's love called The Urantia Book. Not all people accept these other books, so you should ask your parents if it is okay to read this story of Jesus' life; perhaps invite them to read it first.

God has a very, very large family. Many of God's children live far above us among the stars. Others of God's children are humans like you and me. We are all God's children no matter what earthly family we belong to. In this way, we are all brothers and sisters of our Father God. Still others are like angels and are invisible to us.

One time, long ago, before he came to share our life experience on earth, Christ Michael, came to our world from Paradise. Here he was born as a baby named Joshua who we know as Jesus. He grew up on earth and lived the life of a human being much like you and me so that he can experience what it is like to live as we do and then he can better help us to find peace, happiness, and our way to God.  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts and Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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