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"The Call Within" by JG Johnston

"The Call Within" by JG Johnston

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THE CALL WITHIN – Navigating Life with Inner Guidance

What is my life's purpose? Too many people have stopped pursuing the joy of a purposeful life, instead settling for the common life that Thoreau called "quiet desperation." Dissatisfied with their work of unhappy with their lives, people look for answers about a meaningful life, but cannot find them.

THE CALL WITHIN helps you discern those answers. As you discover the reality of inner guidance, life is transformed from what may feel ordinary to a life of extraordinary connections to purpose and meaning.

About the Author – JG Johnston is an artist, architect, author and entrepreneur. He is passionate about innovation to make the world a better place.

Out of that passion, he created the Gifts Compass Inventory (GCI), an online self-assessment founded in C G Jung's theory of psychological types. It orients people to their best gifts. (Learn more at His book, Jung's Indispensable Compass: Navigating the Dynamics of Psychological Types, lays out the intellectual foundation for understanding Jung's type model as a compass (Jung himself referred to the type model as a compass and said he "would not for anything dispense with this compass on my psychological voyages of discovery"). He founded the training company, Gifts Compass Inc to train professionals in the use of the GCI and other instruments. The aim of the work is to engage the types, as Jung did, for the development of uniquer personality.

With Joshua, The Light of the World, Johnston returned to the gospel stories of Jesus, before the interpretations of Christianity evolved, to assemble the four gospels as a chronological story of Jesus' life, not as a "lamb of God"--a term Jesus never used--but as the "Light of the World"--a term he frequently used about himself and his mission. His book helps to illuminate the original heartening message of the one who was called "Son of God." (Note: The word "Joshua" would be the direct English translation of Jesus' original name: "Yehoshua." The name "Jesus" is derived from the Latin translation of the Greek translation of the original name.)

To distill his own personal religion, and to impart a concise message for his progeny, he wrote The Call Within to delineate a way of navigating life in accord with inner spiritual guidance.

Recognizing that few groups function well in creative collaboration, yet also recognizing the importance of collaboration in a "Darwinian economy" where lumbering organizations are often superseded by nimbler ones, he wrote Thriving on Collaborative Genius: The Art of Bringing Organizations to Life. The book is the consolidation of a series of essays written monthly while consulting to organizations on the practice of innovation through his company, Partners for Innovation.

The first chapter of each of the above books can be read at, a small publishing company he created to publish his own books and others that are "for the quest" of a well lived life. 

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