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"The Divine Overcontrol of Civilization" by Richard Rosen

"The Divine Overcontrol of Civilization" by Richard Rosen

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THE DIVINE OVERCONTROL OF CIVILIZATION – Intelligent design and government, economic, social, and religious evolution.

Civilization is divinely managed. Civilization is not natural. The architects of civilization plan its development and its outworking is overseen and managed by celestial personalities. The intelligent design community has largely confined itself to the material aspects of creation. Notably absent is the overcontrol of civilization, and in particular its political, economic, religious, and social institutions. This book also provides a cosmic framework in which to understand how the institutions of society are patterned on the heavenly ones.

Some of what you will learn:

  • The divine ideal of government, economics, social order, religion and how we'll get there.
  • The origin of the world's problems and how they will be resolved.
  • The developmental epochs and where we stand.
  • The great planetary awakening.
  • How to attune to the cosmic harmony both individually and collectively.

    About the Author: Richard Rosen is a teacher and writer of the spiritual life. With his wife Eve they freely counsel in the areas of relationships, money, health, and living aligned with your spirit.

    Richard Rosen is also the author of:

    • Life After Death: A step by step account of what comes next.
    • Angelic Planetary Management: How civilization is overseen and directed.
    • Living Spiritually in a Practical World: Attune to divine guidance.
    • Healthy Living: Health and your spiritual nature.
    • God Speaking: Heavenly answers to earthly problems.

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