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"The Gardens of Eden" – (French) by Richard E. Warren

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French translation: Les Jardins D'Eden

"Stories of the original humans are universal. Ancient myths were widely believed to hold profound lessons if not actual truth. But what if Adam and Eve really lived? What if the Biblical tale of the parents of humanity is based in fact? What if they were assigned to this world by the Most High Rulers of our universe, and did indeed establish a garden of unsurpassed earthly beauty? And what if our traditional accounts are missing even greater revelatory details that shed light on all of human history, and offer valuable insights about guiding modern civilization? "The Gardens of Eden" reveals a new record of Adam and Eve that offers startling and unexpected information on the myth about the fall of man. Their lives, their love story, and what unfolded almost 40,000 years ago, profoundly affected the evolution of mankind. But these heavenly beings did make one disastrous error. And that is why there were two Gardens of Eden."

Richard "Rick" Warren is a father, a grandfather, a thirty-year student of The Urantia Book, and a writer of Urantia-based novels. "The Gardens Of Eden" is his third book, after "Resurrection Hall", and "Battlefield Guardians."

Editor in Chief, Story Consultant - James Woodward
Contributing Editor - Suzanne Kelly
Formating - Rick Lyon
Cover Design - Susan Lyon (inspired by "Fantasy Gardens" – Holly Carmichael).  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts & Gear. We appreciate your reviews!

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