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"Up Close and Personal with The Urantia Book" by J.J. Johnson

"Up Close and Personal with The Urantia Book" by J.J. Johnson

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Used copy in good condition. Available in limited quantities.

Up Close and Personal with the Urantia Book - Expanded Edition is a study guide for students of the spiritual and philosophical work first published by the Urantia Foundation in 1955 as The Urantia Book. This new edition features a chapter, "The COSAR Principle: A Revelatory Proposition," which addresses the relationship between scientific discoveries and revelatory information. The philosophic thrust of The Urantia Book is to coordinate both science and religion with the truth of reality. The COSAR Principle, coordination of science and religion with the Truth of Reality, as covered in this new chapter describes how The Urantia Book serves this function with a high degree of satisfaction for the reader. The manner in which (COSAR) is so exquisitely embedded throughout The Urantia Book appeals to both the scientific minded and spiritual individuals alike.  The Urantia Store Online – The reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book go to purchase Books, Gifts, and Gear.

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