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CD – "Words of Christ" Trilogy narrated by Pato Banton

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The "Words of Christ" Trilogy is a 7 CD Box Set, featuring over 100 minutes of lessons from Jesus Christ as revealed in the Fifth Epochal Revelation, The Urantia Book.

Also Now Available: The new USB Flash Drive with bonus material that can be downloaded to multiple devices & shared!

These inspiring teachings of the Master are narrated by Pato Banton and are accompanied by the amazing gospel music of Clyde JJ Forde and the beautiful new age infusions of Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall. 

It truly is the perfect "gift of inspiration" for yourself, your family, and friends.

Minister Pato Banton presents 43 soul touching lessons from Jesus Christ. These lessons will elevate, regenerate, and inspire you as you continue on your path of Spiritual Growth and Loving Service. 

This 7 year “Labor of Love” has been my greatest undertaking to date!” and “I pray that you remain an open vessel so the Spirit Of Truth can continue to guide you in the most exciting adventure of Experiencing Divinity while Serving Humanity. – Pato Banton

We are very pleased to be able to offer this wonderful work to our friends in the Urantia community. It remains one of our all-time personal favorites!!  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts and Gear.

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