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CD/DVD – "Divinely Inspired Poetry" by K. Brendi Poppel

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Like most of the best poets, Brendi's poetry flows out of a life of emotional extremes. The trials of Brendi's early life led her into a spiritual journey that shaped the rest of her life. Shining through in her poetry is the inspiration and peace that comes from her close friendship with God and dedication to spiritual growth.

Brendi grew up in Bayside, Queens, New York an only, adopted child, in a largely middle class Jewish community. She considered herself fortunate to be admitted to Cornell University where she went from sorority girl to hippie, amongst other “identities”. She wedded and then journeyed to Colorado with her new husband and four more friends. Their time in Colorado was short-lived, time enough to see The Urantia Book and drive back to Ithaca, New York.

At the very beginning of 1972, Brendi’s husband of nearly 5 months, jumped off a bridge and killed himself, shocking, and understandably traumatizing Brendi. Feeling utterly lost, she followed her friends who owned The Urantia Book to live in Jamaica, in a small town between Kingston and Port Antonio. Her time in Jamaica was short-lived, as well, since her father suffered a heart attack, and she was needed at home to help care for him. Brendi’s mother was also highly disabled due to a stroke suffered two years prior along with a heart attack.

Brendi struggled to find her way, but one big thing had changed in her life; she had found Jesus and had been reborn on the beach in Jamaica where she experienced a fairly dramatic rebirth and felt filled with the Spirit, energized, uplifted, and ready to move ahead.

Her adoptive mother died a few years later. Her father was recovering well, and later that month, she received some non-identifying information from her adoption agency, Louise Wise Services, telling her a little more information about her origins. Her birth parents, both in their 30’s, were concentration camp survivors, who conceived Brendi in a displaced persons’ camp after World War II. They both lost their parents there along with many brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and more. Brendi’s birth father couldn’t find a sponsor and never knew about Brendi’s existence. Brendi’s biological mother had one surviving brother, with whom she came to America. They were the only 2 of 7 surviving children who lived.
Brendi searched to no avail to find anyone related to her by blood.

Her interest in The Urantia Book and love for God continued to grow, influencing every part of who she later became. Although not all of Brendi’s dreams have come true, she felt comfortable just being herself. Her hope and prayer was that her work would continue to touch the hearts and souls of those who come after she’s gone. Brendi’s prayer was that people be open to receiving the amazing spiritual masterpiece; The Urantia Book, and that it serve to enrich the lives of all who choose to hear that “still, small voice within”.

Selections from this boxed set include:

Video–In Service to the Supreme, Pioneer of the New Frontier, Every Ending is a New Beginning, Fear Interferes, Time and Timeout, Let the Light Shine Through, Oh Say Can You See, Letting Go, I Sought the Truth, Grow Where You are Planted, Fruits, God Our Father, Healing Meditation, Resonance, Universe Uniting, Welcome Home, In Love We Unite, Divine Adjuster, The Urantia Book Poem, The Supreme, Questions on the Quest, Eyes of God.

Audio–Indwelling You, Journey of Love, The Shape of My Soul, Father Fantastic, The Supreme, Mother Courage, God the Supreme, Pioneers of the Supreme, Universe Mother Spirit, Independence Day, The God in Me, New God Diet, Joyousness, Jesus–Dear Jesus, In Accord with the Lord, We Remember You, Discern the Sign of Spring, Say Yes to Life, I prayed for a Soulmate, The Well, I Go With God, Circles.  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book can purchase Books, Gifts and Gear.
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