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CD – "From Cosmic Dust" by Jerry Gerber

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We are pleased to feature the beautiful music of Jerry Gerber. "From Cosmic Dust" is  instrumental music inspired by The Urantia Book. Nine hymns on spiritual life. Virtual concerto for oboe & digital ensemble. Music composed and produced by Jerry Gerber. ©️2022 Jerry Gerber and Ottava Records.

  • Hymn to the Divine
  • Desire
  • This Place
  • Greed
  • One Friend
  • Remember
  • When Death Does Come
  • It's Always Worse at Night
  • Thank You Spirit

Jerry has written orchestral and chamber music, songs, piano music, vocal music and music for electronic instruments. He has composed for film, television, computer games, concerts, dance and interactive media, and wrote all of the original music for the remake of the popular children's feature film and television show, The Adventures of Gumby, as well as a Lucasfilm computer game. His music is eclectic and melodic, with dynamic electronic textures as well as sampled instruments and voices. – The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where all who love The Urantia Book go to purchase Books, Gifts, and Gear.

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