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CD – "Solo Piano by Request" by Bob Solone

CD – "Solo Piano by Request" by Bob Solone

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We are pleased to feature the great music of Bob Solone – a long-time friend and a very talented individual! "Solo Piano by Request" was inspired by his loving fans, listeners who asked if Bob had any solo piano recordings available. Or they would say, "You know, you should record that." He would shrug his shoulders and say, "Maybe I'll do a recording some day." Bob says over time, as much as he loved performing with other musicians and singers, he came to realize that playing solo piano is what he does best, so he finally decided to go downtown to one of Chicago's finest recording studios, found the best Steinway grand piano, and sat down to record some of his most requested piano renditions. He hopes you enjoy listening as much as he has enjoyed playing this timeless music throughout years of performances.

Bob's album includes:

  • Slaughter on 10th Avenue - 12:14 Richard Rogers
  • Summer of '42 - 4:19 Michele Legrand
  • Suite from Dr. Zhivago - 7:04 Maurice Jarre 
  • Malegueña (music from Spain) - 5:40 Ernesto Lecuona 
  • You Must Believe in Spring - 4:35 Michele Legrand 
  • Windmills of Your Mind - 4:33 Michele Legrand 
  • Classical Gas - 6:06 Mason Williams 
  • Just One of Those Things - 3:29 Cole Porter (and Frederick Chopin) 
  • MacArthur Park - 8:25 Jimmy Webb 
  • Mama - 2:28 Cesare Andrea Bixio 

"Blending popular and classical stylings. (Solone) provides an evening of highly professional, classy entertainment." – Variety, New York

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