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CD – "Love Is The Greatest" by Pato Banton

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Love Is The Greatest is a beautiful compilation of some of Pato Banton's most recent musical creations and joint collaborations with artists from all over the world and focusses on the different aspects of LOVE! Inspired by The Urantia Book, Pato delivers a beautiful message to uplift the masses.

Now distributed worldwide by Tuff Gong Records, this album is receiving great reviews globally. There is also a YouTube video for every song on this amazing full length CD, so make sure to check them out too!

This album also features the outstanding talents of Antoinette Rootsdawtah Hall, Andy Kushner, Renard Jude Shy, Cedric Bravo, Skabone Stan, Empres Akua, Nichelle Monroe, April Harmony, Daniel Lopilato, The Reggae Revolution Band, The Ambassador, Pilot Touhill, Oneko Arika, Afrodizia Brazil, Michael Ortiz, Mohammed Alidu, Ruben Durazo, Benjamin Hamlin, Kwadjo Spiri, and The Now Generation Band.

There are so many political, racial, religious and social obstacles on our path towards Peace On Earth. But regardless of things that try to divide us, we are confident that eventually the Spirit Of Truth will unite us. We are all God’s Children, brothers & sisters! And those who know this simple Truth have an obligation to our Heavenly Father & humanity to work towards a better future. So let us share this Good News by the lives we live and let us all devote our lives to proving that LOVE is the greatest thing in the world! One Love Always – Pato Banton

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