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USB – "Lectures" by Bill Sadler Jr.

USB – "Lectures" by Bill Sadler Jr.

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The "Lectures" USB feature Bill Sadler Jr. discussing The Urantia Book.

William Sadler, Jr., better known as Bill, was a gifted student of The Urantia Book who also had a talent for distilling its most complex teachings into conversational language. He also authored A Study of the Master Universe and its Appendices.

In 1958 Bill Sadler Jr. travelled to California for his first week-long seminar held in Pasadena, CA. Some of his informal talks were recorded and the recordings may occasionally contain feedback from the audience. These sought-after lectures are now available on USB drive.

The following topical subjects were developed from transcripts of the recordings and are available at While they may not be exhaustive of their original content, some quotes or references from The Urantia Book have been added for deeper study purposes.

Upon presenting this document, Urantia Foundation wishes to express sincere thankfulness in regard to all whom, by near or afar, have contributed to its realization. It is made available to all and is particularly intended to further stimulate the minds of all students of 'The Urantia Book' teachings. 

  • Some Comments on the Foreword to The Urantia Book
  • Questions and Answers to Comments on the Foreword
  • Comments on the Nature of Personality
  • Discussion of the Absolutes Part I
  • Discussion of the Absolutes Part II
  • Discussion of the Absolutes Part III
  • Discussion of the Absolutes Part IV
  • Hypothesis of the Master Universe
  • Mindedness and Spirituality, Comments on the Absolutes
  • The Journey Following Mortal Death
  • What Will We Find in Outer Space?
  • The Local Universe Mother Spirit in the Present Universe Age
  • Destiny of the Master Michaels
  • Some Considerations Related to the Third Universe Age
  • Knowing God as a Qualitative Personal Experience
  • Comments on Destiny Reservists
  • The Growth of God the Absolute
  • Personality, Choice and Mind
  • Some Comments on Paper 105, Deity and Reality
  • Brief Comment on the Rodan Papers
  • Could Jesus Have Avoided the Cross?
  • How Big is Paradise?
  • Adventures in the Cosmos, Part I
  • Comments on Personal Growth, Stewardship and Service
  • Personal Growth and Mansion World Arrival
  • Some Comments on Deity Functions in the Master Universe
  • Spreading The Urantia Book  The Urantia Store Online – the reliable source where those who love The Urantia Book go to purchase Books, Gifts and Gear.

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