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CD – "A Long Way to Heaven" by James Woodward

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A new CD of songs from James Woodward, a long time student and leader of the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Our personal favorite is “A Long Way to Heaven.” The lyrics include: “It’s a long way to heaven, flicker of faith lights your way, angels always all around you, songs of love are what they play, words of love are what they say.” 

We are so pleased to be able to offer the inspiring instrumental music and vocal stylings of James Woodward. "J Woody" is a dear friend of ours and a very talented artist! Currently living in California, James enjoys spending his time in a lovely cabin out in nature – and composing, performing and recording his music. Check out James' website

“A Long Way to Heaven” is a tremendous set of soulful, fun and uplifting music. 

  • Put Her Hand in Mine
  • Really Wanna See Ya
  • Crazy Kind of Love
  • The Sinner
  • Keep it Soft
  • Find Another Woman
  • Never Even Tried
  • Certified City Blues
  • High Country
  • I'm a Cowboy
  • Hitchhiker's Dream
  • April
  • Our Favorite Game
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